Our Services

Janitorial services

“We Know Green” is our cleaning motto. We equip our certified technicians with the latest chemicals and equipment necessary to meet/exceed your cleaning needs. We have a unique understanding of what GREEN truly means and how to insure your facility is cleaned with the latest techniques and safe chemicals available to us.
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Carpet cleaning

No one likes a Dirty Carpet, this causes many businesses to lose opportunities, productivity and even customers!  Would you eat at a place with Dirty Carpet? How about the way you feel when you go to your place of business/work and all you see is dirt/traffic patterns/ spots and what about that SMELL!
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Office cleaning

We utilize the safest of chemicals by making Envirox our premiere chemical line including Mineral Shock which eliminates safely mineral deposits, calcium buildup, soap scum and other layered issues for your locker rooms, restrooms, sinks, water fountains etc.We utilize the latest technology, chemicals, machines including....
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Medical Facility Cleaning

Our certified technicians are trained heavily and given the latest equipment and chemicals necessary to handle your Medical based facility. They are thoroughly background checked, Uniformed and ID Badged as well as Bonded/Insured.
We apply Bio-Shield to your Waiting Areas, Touch Points, Restrooms on a ...
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MRSA Cleaning and Prevention, Bacteria and Virus Prevention and Decontamination Services

Also we offer

Church cleaning

Have you noticed more meetings happening at your local place of worship on days not necessarily considered popular for worship? This is because .... Read More

Construction Cleanup

Pinnacle has handled numerous projects from the smallest retail store to the largest multi-level facility, from less than 5,000 sq. foot to over ...Read More

Restaurant Cleaning

Because of our fifty (50) plus years of commercial cleaning experience, we understand the uniqueness that restaurant cleaning offers Pinnacle... Read More

Commercial cleaning

Change can be tough for anyone. When you make a significant change, you are always hoping that you got it right this time; that this is the final time... Read More

Floor cleaning

Doesn’t EVERYONE notice your Floors? From your vendors, your customers, your staff and your boss the one that that EVERYONE notices is how ... Read More

School cleaning

We offer programs that range from Nightly Service to regularly scheduled detail focused programs to fit your budgetary needs. We purchase and... Read More