Floor stripping and waxing Memphis, Tennessee

Floor stripping and waxing services

If your floor is in bad shape already, it is high time you got the floor stripped of the old wax and put new wax on it to make it beautiful and attractive again.  The process is very simple if you know what you are doing.
In order to get things done properly, you need to link up with experts in the field. They will use their expertise to get rid of those tough waxes on the floor and can also remove any polish buildup. They are your best helpmate for removing all those polish coats that have become hardened and burnished to the floor.
You will be putting yourself through untold stress if you attempt to do it yourself. There is no point in stressing yourself so much since there are trained experts ready to take up the task and get it competed in the most perfect manner.  We are ever ready to help you out at Pinememphis. We have been in this industry for long and have built reputation over the years as reliable outlet.
We follow good safety procedures while carrying out your stripping and waxing. We implement good cleaning procedures too once the whole stripping and waxing is over and done with. Our management staff members have top class stripping and waxing experience and they are ever willing to bring this experience to bear on the task at hand.
We will be responsible for all the equipment and materials to be used, even to the least of the equipment. Some of the equipment and materials we make available for the task are:

  • - Wet/dry vacuum
  • - Black stripping pads
  • - Slow speed floor machine
  • - Clean trash bags
  • - Mop bucket
  • - Finish mop
  • - Blend mops
  • - Dust mop
  • - Floor finish
  • - Sealer
  • - Nutra-rinse
  • - Floor stripper

It is never advisable for you to do the cleaning yourself except you have experience in this regard. This is why you must link up with us today. We are expertise when it comes to commercial stripping and waxing. We are the leading commercial service provider in the industry. Pinememphis is always at your service and we will get the job done just the way you like it to be done. We have the expertise and the technical know-how to get your job done. We have been in the industry for long and have built reputation, a reputation we do not want to soil via poor service provision.